Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Made it

This is my first Monday Made it! I am linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics :). I hope you like what I worked on. Last year I made some letters to have on top of my bulletin board, outside my classroom. 

But for this new school year, I wanted to make them prettier...and sparklier :) so I added some puffy paint and sequins!

I also continued organizing my classroom, my closet is almost done! I just need labels, and more labels :)

I am still working on my shelves, too!

This will be my teacher's corner.

I also need labels for these baskets. 

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday!


Brandi said...

I LOVE your cute!

Success in Second Grade
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Nicole said...

WOW! Your closet looks AWESOME! I've been working on mine, too! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm a new follower now :)
Rowdy in Room 300

Bilingual Scrapbook said...

Thank you! I'm glad you like it :) Yay for following me :)

Nancy said...

Those letters are super cute! Did you use craft foam as the basic letter? Super cute!

Nancy said...

I wanted to email you but I can't find a link to your email anywhere. Can you email me? I had a blog idea for you.

:) Nancy

Joy of Kindergarten

Bilingual Scrapbook said...

Hi Nancy! Thank you so much! Yes I used craft foam for the letters, love that material! I will e-mail you in a bit, I know, I don't have my e-mail :S I should work on that.

Bilingual Scrapbook said...

Brandi, thank you so much for your comment :D

Sandra Bustos said...

I love those letters, I would pay for you to make me one that says Primer Grado, think about it