Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Around The World

Happy Tuesday! 4 more days...oh so happy! I want to show you a few pictures of what's been happening in my classroom :) And here we go!

My kiddos made these adorable crafts! Since we have been traveling around the world ;) they wrote about where they would like to spend Christmas. 

  Also, we made some Christmas trees, and the ornaments have flags from some countries we visited. 

Holland was one of our favorite countries to learn about. My sweeties made these wooden shoes, and Sinterklass (aka Santa) left some treats for them. Also, those super cute stockings are from A Cupcake By The Teacher...love everything she does! 

 Also...we had our suitcases ready every time we went from one country to the other. Of course, we enjoyed all of the flights ;) and always used our seat belts. Click on the pictures to go to Rachelle's TpT store.

Ohh...and last but not least, this is how we found our elf this morning! 

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas and Clip Art Freebie :)

Hello everyone! Four more days for Christmas break? Who is as excited as me? I can't wait to have more time to spend with my loved ones. Also, December is a very special month for me, for various reasons :) (birthdays, anniversaries...)
We have been "traveling" around the world since last week...and let me tell you that it has been the best, I have enjoyed it so much! Maybe more than the kids have, HA! But, as always I forgot to take pictures. I will show you more about that tomorrow...our passports, suitcases, etc. I have been loving Rachelle's Holidays Around The World unit. She is the best! 

This was my bulletin board last week before I added my kiddos' work. I will post more pictures!

Last week we went to Germany ;) and when my kids came back from P.E. we found a surprise. Santa sent us a gingerbread man all the way from Germany! Wow, my sweeties were thrilled! My babies guessed what could be inside the jar, I love how they made connections and said that since it was from Germany it could be a gingerbread cookie. 

And last, but not least...I hope it is not too late for you to use this cute Santa Claus {color and line art}! If you like him, you can download it for free at my TpT store.