Monday, August 12, 2013

Ten Things About Me

1. I love God!  I serve an AMAZING God, and I am beyond thankful for everything I have. He amazes me every single day, and I believe there is nothing better than knowing that He will be with me every day…forever!

2. I am an only child. Even though I love it, I would have LOVED having brothers or sisters. I enjoy being alone. Well, not all the time, but sometimes I need it. Is it because I am an only child? ha!

3. I married my high school sweetheart. We have been married for almost 3 years. I love him so very much! We have so much fun together…he makes my heart smile!

4. I have a beautiful baby! Well, she is not a human baby :) but I love her dearly. Her name is Coco and she is something else. This cute frenchie stole my heart from day one. 

5. This will be my 4th year teaching Kindergarten. I can't believe that my first sweeties will be third graders…what? Yes, and I still remember them every single day. I LOVE my job, and I can't see myself doing anything else. 

6. I love music. Music makes me happy…I just wish I could sing, ha! But I don't care and still do it, at least at home and in the classroom! 

7. I love crafts…a-little-bit-too-much! Yes, I do! I love creating new things for my classroom, which is also why I think I have the perfect job! I can continue creating as when I was in school. I was the one adding glitter, ribbons, puffy paint and everything I could think of to all of my projects.

8. I speak English and Spanish. I went to school in Mexico for most of my life. My family lives in Mexico, but I see them every week :D. I live in the border and it's easy to cross the bridge and see my parents. 

9. I can remember lots of stuff that has happened to me {including the date, time, what I was wearing, and even the smell} Is that weird? 

10. I keep a gratitude journal. Every night, before I go to sleep I open my journal.  I think of three things I am thankful for, and write a thank you letter to God. My handwriting at night might not be the best, but I know He can read it :) 

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Anonymous said...

I love your #10! I need have never heard of anyone writing God thank you letters: I love it!

Math Madness

Bilingual Scrapbook said...

Thank you Bagby :) Since I love writing, I thought it would be a good idea.

First Grade Funtastic said...

I love this blog post!! That's awesome that you speak both languages. My first class of student's graduated this year! Crazy how fast time flies. :)
First Grade Funtastic

Lindsay Oles said...

Hi! I found your blog through Blog Hoppin’ Teacher Week! The summer went too fast and I cannot believe it is that time of year again!

I am an only child as well...and I too, married my high school sweetheart <3

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If You Give a Teacher a Treat

Stacy B said...

My first class of students graduated long ago (this will be my 23rd year teaching), but I credit them for so much I learned about teaching. I taught the same kids for three years of high school, they graduated 17 years ago, but through the magic of Facebook I'm in touch with over half of them! You'll always remember those special students!


Marina said...

It's nice to hear about yourself and how you value God. I'm also from a border city and appreciate the influence of two cultures and two languages. It is great to see your happiness and enthusiasm for your life and profession.