Monday, September 24, 2012

A Morning Message :)

I can't believe it is my fifth Monday with my! I am so excited because my sweeties are actually following the routine...I am IN LOVE! I love how all the hard work is paying off :) This past weekend I worked on something for my Spanish sweeties. It is a Spanish Morning Message, and I love it! It has over 100 activities where students can review all the letters in the Spanish alphabet, beginning syllables, and ending syllables. "La Charla" is the name of this new baby, and if you want to check it out, you can click on any of the following pictures :)

Also, I uploaded my Heart Alphabet to TpT, it is super colorful and fun!

I hope you have a beautiful week!


Maestra said...

How funny that I just posted about morning work and you found me! Great site, I'm your newest follower as well :) I'm always happy to find other bilingual teacher folks!

Holly Gerlach said...

This is great, Alexa! Now can you make one for my Korean students?! LOL... Have a great week :)


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