Thursday, June 20, 2013

Classroom Management

Happy Thursday everyone! I thought this linky party would be son much fun, and I was right. I hope you enjoy reading about 10 of my favorite classroom management ideas!

1. Compliment Jar
I love this idea! I think it will work great this coming school year. Also, it is super pretty and colorful. I just KNOW my kids will love this and they can work as a class to earn something. 
2. Whole Brain Teaching
You need to watch these videos. This teacher is awesome and inspiring. My sweeties LOVED everything about WBT. Class...Yes!

3. Classroom coupons and prizes
These two ideas are great! I love, love, LOVE the way Mrs. Cupcake organized the prices. I have to work on this, too!

4. You're Knocking My Socks Off! 
Okay, we all just ADORE everything Mrs. Carrol does, right? Well this is not an exception. I Love how the kids work together to earn a prize (coupon) at the end of the day. 

5. Building a Sand Casttle
This idea is precious. I love how colorful everything is, and I think it is great to motivate children at the end of the year to continue with their good behavior. 

6. Hand Signals & Voice Levels
This is will be so fun for my kids to learn, and also very helpful for me as a teacher. 

7. The Tidy Tub
Mrs. Alderson posted about the Tidy Tub last Summer, and I had to do it. It was awesome, and it really helped my kids keep our classroom nice and clean. 

8. Adding Duct Tape To Pencils
Apparently, this will keep the pencils from disappearing. Need I say more? Ha! 

 9. Organizing Crafts
Hadar is SO creative. I love this cute idea, and I think it will help me keep all of my crafts together and organized at the same time. 

10. Organizing Students' Supplies
I love the colorful baskets and how the kids can easily access all of their supplies. 

What are your favorite classroom management ideas?

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Stephanie Chambers said...

Thanks for sharing Alexa. I love the Tidy Tubs idea. My kids are normally leaving little scraps on the floor and that bothers my OCD'ness. This would help both them and me :).

I use the pencil flags every year but it does take a lot of time. Maybe I should have a parent volunteer make some at the beginning of the year to safe some time.

The Learning Chambers

Bilingual Scrapbook said...

Hi Stephanie! The tidy tubs work wonders, you definitely need to use them :) and having a parent volunteer help with the pencil flags is a great idea, thank you!